My Story

“I started Thumbsie® 5 years ago after my own daughter found it impossible to give up sucking her thumb and she became very anxious and distressed. I made fabric thumb guards for her. Within 3 weeks she had stopped the habit and so I decided to try and help families with the same problem, because I know how stressful the problem can be.”

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“Last year I made over 10,000 thumb and finger guards for families trying to stop the habit, which affects dental development and can cause serious problems with the jaw and teeth alignment.”


What Parents Say about Thumbsie®

“We bought a couple of Thumbsies out of sheer desperation. We’d tried everything: bribery, blackmail, wearing gloves, plasters, bitter nail varnish, cajoling, you name it. The Thumbsies seemed such a simple idea, and I wasn’t sure they would work with such an addict, but the comfort & friendly-looking designs really seemed to help beat the habit at a psychological as well as practical level.”
Kate – mother of Maia aged 9

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Teaming up with Dentists

“I have talked to lots of dentists over the past 5 years and they all tell me that thumb and finger sucking can create serious problems for children’s teeth. After permanent teeth come in, sucking may cause problems with the proper growth of the mouth and alignment of the teeth. It can also cause changes in the roof of the mouth. Which in turn can affect speech and the bite of the teeth. So I decided to team up with concerned dentists to create thumb sucking clinics in dental practices.”

“We want to encourage parents to talk to their children and dentist about thumb sucking to find a gentle and effective way to give up sucking. We want the solution to be fun and based on praise and encouragement rather than guilt and anxiety.”